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Its show, big deal.
Many thanks to Pizzababe and Bawb.....

Sin....Sue Grandys....Ken Turetzky....Joe Vecchio....

Alex at The Sooner Thought Show....Sunny James, The Angry Black Woman...


The fabulous Kid Charlemagne....

A huge debt of gratitude to The Podsafe Music Network...

Pizza and Bawb talk smack....Its not the "Chumps"...its the "Chefs"...a taste of two new regulars, Bill and Tulsa Mike from Oklahoma City...

The house? I probably won't get it....

Killer Kona Buds, "Vagina"...

Ampex, "Porno Movie (Phil Edit)...

Goodnight Small....
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From The Podsafe Music Network:

Ministry- "Yellowcake"

Bloc Party- "Price Of Gasoline"

Soccergirl- "The Carnival Life For Me"

Silverstein- "Red Light Pledge"

Tom Waits- "You Can Never Hold Back Spring"

High C- "sex.god.cherish. a zero score in tennis"

Alkaline Trio- "Mercy Me"

Adam Schmitt- "My Home Town"

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros- "Comagirl"

All American Rejects- "Night Drive"

Foxycock- "Laura Bushes Eyes"

Clay Thompson- "Smooth Talker"

Goodnight Small
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The startling conclusion of the Netspend -- NIGHTMARE!!!

From 911 Truth, "Bush Lied People Died"

Clay Thompson,

Goodnight Small
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Buying A House - - NIGHTMARE!!!


Calls To Netspend -- NIGHTMARE!!!

Tay Zonday, "Chocolate Rain" (Not a nightmare)

Cheney on Iraq circa '94 NIGHTMARE!!!

Clay Thompson, "Smooth Talker" (Not a nightmare even though he's my brother)

Goodnight Small
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