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This is a repost. I don't feel like writing the show notes again
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This week we meet Summer, AKA "Winter Barbie".
Summer is an aspiring model and broadcaster. She will dispel any myths you may have about hot, sexy, beautiful blonde's. She is also a writer, maintains a 3.8 GPA, and loves football.
Hopefully she will return for future visits.
(Note: We had Skype issues during the interview. Damn you, Skype! Damn you!)

Val Verde, "The feeling".

Goodnight Small
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Democracy Now

Phil catches up on current events.....Death of President Ford......Podsafe music network.....Cup 'o Joe, Head On Radio Network.....Abolish Electoral College....New job for Phil....more troops in Iraq.....

A recording from 1971 advising fathers how to discuss sex with their sons (originally heard on Retrocrush) GOP hypocrite of the week

Ratos de PorĂ£o RDP Testamunhas

Goodnight Small!
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The Trucks, "Titties".

Clay plays Van Halen's "Eruption"

My brother Clay talks about his guitar virtuosity, muscularity and incredible modesty.

His composition "Smooth Talker" will be the new theme song for the "Ask Traci" segment as well as the unofficial theme for the show.

Goodnight small
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Dick in a box...

Traci falls off her bedroom trapeze...

Saddam is gone...

"Ask Traci" recap from previous week, Traci provides new advice....

Listening to voices....

Theme song suggestions for "Ask Traci"...

Traci's doctor prescribes quality meds....

Welcome to the FBI, we love to have you listen to the show...

TN, couples required to undergo "marriage preparation"... GOP hypocrite of the week....
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